3 comments on “Limerick #4

  1. That’s a strange one, I have to say David. I have never heard Manchester pronounced like that. I think that you are thinking of Godmanchester, which is in Cambridgeshire, about an hour by car from here, and nowhere near Manchester at all. Helston is in Cornwall, and Hunstanton is not far from me, in Norfolk, so doubly strange, to see it all in your Limerick.
    Regards from England, Pete.


  2. The limerick has nothing to do with Manchester, and everything to do with Godmanchester. The line (…“God” plus “Manchester”…) is meant to refer to Godmanchester, but I broke up the name for purposes of (mis)pronunciation and meter. Manchester, by itself, is pronounced as you would expect. God is, too, of course. But put God and Manchester together, and the pronunciation changes, at least for some locals…. As for Helston, it was a humorous play on “Go to Hell!” And I put the parentheses in Hunstanton–Hunst(ant)on–to offer the reader both the correct and incorrect pronunciation of that town. For purposes of meter, the reader must pronounce Hunstanton correctly!


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