2 comments on “Yaaländogs! The Dreams of Emmy de Zelaware, Part 1: Bar-LeDeuc

  1. Pete, the series is based on the recorded dreams of a comatose lady in a village in France. Her dreams involve a space colony (Ozark-Aden) that eventually meets and interacts with (1) human species that are descendants of ancient Earth, (2) alien species that threaten human civilization, and (3) “godservants” whose purpose is to save mankind. In the first book, a meeting (Bar-LeDeuc) of government officials introduces the reader to the space colony, whose citizens are more concerned with science, industry, sex, and recreation than with alien encounters…. The sci-fi plot won’t get underway until the next tome, which will be entitled, “Haligan’s Snag,” and which I will resume writing once I retire in about three years. “Yaaländogs! The Dreams of Emmy de Zelaware, Part 1: Bar-LeDeuc” is unusually dense and very difficult to read (though it is bursting with wordplay and wit), but the tomes that follow will be far more accessible. The structure of “Part 1: Bar-LeDeuc” is not a single narrative, but rather consists of numerous characters speaking their minds. The structure is patterned after “The Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio / “L’Heptaméron” by Marguerite de Navarre. The dreams (1991-2002) are a young woman’s oniric vision of the future. Some of the technology envisioned by the dreamer have already materialized; others have not. The storyline of the “dream mosaic” is set in the not-too-distant future (perhaps 100 years from now). At some point, I will reinvent the web site (http://emmy-de-zelaware.com/) dedicated to the series (I no longer have the software that created it and allowed me to edit/update it). In the meantime, I’ll occasionally make mention of the series here, since this blog includes all my writings (and more).


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