3 comments on “COOL CAT

  1. Chris Almoada’s music falls substantially under the category of rockabilly, but Chris also does the occasional ballad, and sometimes he adds a touch of jazz. Chris wrote the music for “Cool Cat,” arranged it, and performed it with his band, the Broken Hearts. He suggested the title for this song, and I wrote the lyrics. I’d have to ask Chris to be sure, but I think this song is considered to be rockabilly/jazz (in any event, it was meant to evoke the early ’60’s beatnik era). By the way, if you want to read up a bit on his 2010 CD, check out this review: http://rockabillyromp.com/rockabilly-artists/cd-review-chris-almoada-come-to-new-orleans/. By the way, I watched the Stray Cats video. The band is very well known, and it’s one mentioned off and on by Chris.


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