3 comments on “Limerick #30

  1. ‘A Member of Parliament, Richard Price,
    Was discovered to be not at all nice.
    It was not unexpected
    When he was justly deselected,
    And this Dick was thrown out in a trice.’
    First effort from England, David, have that one on me, for the book!
    Regards as always, Pete.


  2. Pete, GREAT JOB! I converted your limerick to the requisite five lines. Speaking of form, in the book of limericks I’m reading, there is a chapter entitled, “Limerick Variations.” Variations include the double limerick, the extended limerick, the prose limerick, the beheaded limerick, the limerick poem, and unrhymed limerick. My Limerick #19 adhered to the double limerick form. I haven’t tried any of the others yet, though I’m anxious to try a beheaded limerick. As for the number of syllables per line, they are not set in stone, but it is generally accepted that the first, second, and fifth lines should contain roughly 8-12 syllables, and that the third and fourth lines should be shorter, say, 5-7 syllables in length. However, limericks are notorious for breaking even these liberal rules, which explains all the variations mentioned above. There is also the matter of consistent syllabic stress, but exceptions probably outnumber those that follow the rules. In short, we can pretty much do whatever we please! And that’s what makes limericks so much fun!!!


  3. Wow! I didn’t even know that Limericks had so many construction rules. It was a mere trifle, compared to your carefully constructed output. Good luck with that beheaded one…As always, Pete.


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