4 comments on “Louisiana Winds

  1. Ruston is a town of about 21,000 people in north central Louisiana. It has the distinction of being mentioned by Jack Kerouac in his book “On the Road.”
    In my book, Rupa explains that Berena Kamare owns the patent on the Dream Recorder. The R&D was done by Miadu Surf, a manufacturer that used Berena’s component names, Lotus Sensor and Oneirus Processor, in marketing their product. In court, Miadu Surf claims the patent belongs to Ruston Eolius, not Berena Kamare. However, Rupa reports that Berena Kamare was able to prove to the court that “Ruston Eolius” was a fictitious name under which she filed the patent as a way to maintain a degree of anonymity. Her proof lay in singing a song she’d heard in her dreams, “Louisiana Winds”–a song that suggested the fictitious name. Ruston is a town in Louisiana, and Eolius is a reference to the ruler of the Winds in Greek mythology. Moreover, “Ruston Eolius” is a letter scramble of “Lotus/Oneirus.”
    The passage in question is somewhat complicated in its details (as is the entire book). But the Dream Recorder plays a pivotal role in the science fiction series, so its background is important.


  2. Thanks David, I suppose that explains it, especially if I ever read the book. I looked at the You Tube clip you posted, but when I tried to comment, I got ‘page not found’. Just so you know…Regards, Pete.


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