2 comments on “Film List – Westerns on DVD

  1. I recently changed my mind about the Brad Pitt version of ‘Jesse James’, and now like it, because of Casey Affleck giving a great performance. I might also suggest ‘Heaven’s Gate’ for consideration. From your list, I really like ‘The Shootist’, a great end to Wayne’s career.
    Regards as always, Pete.


  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly with respect to “The Shootist.” As for “Heaven’s Gate,” a film that at one time was considered one of the worst films ever made, but which some critics now describe as a “modern masterpiece,” I’ll have to give it a shot.
    Looking over the list above, there are two films that I like to watch, not just because they are quite good, but also for a specific reason. “The Stalking Moon” was filmed in Red Rock Canyon at the mouth of Pine Creek Canyon, a canyon which I’ve hiked many times, as it is close to home. Prominent in the film is the Mescalito, a pyramid-shaped peak which separates the canyon into two branches. The other film is “The Professionals,” which was lensed in Valley of Fire State Park, about an hour up the road from here. There is a slot canyon in the film which is used extensively, and I’ve hiked through it more times than I can count. There is also a piece of the movie set still standing near the slot canyon. Perhaps I’ll provide some photos!


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