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    • Pete, I checked out your review of “Open Range” and posted a comment there. Have you also reviewed “Once Upon a Time in the West” on your blog? You stated that you don’t care much for the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone. Those obviously include Eastwood’s “Dollars” trilogy. But what about this masterful epic, with its unique opening train station sequence, and its brilliant casting of Henry Fonda as the blue-eyed villain?


  1. David, there is no review of ‘Once Upon a Time…’ as i just don’t like it. I know that everyone thinks it is a masterpiece, and I can see some validity in the construction, but Leone’s film-making leaves me completely cold. I don’t get it. And it is not for want of trying, as I have watched them all. I even hate the much-lauded music, and don’t get me started on the sounds of the gunfire, and bullets!
    One of those cinema ‘experiences’ that I will just have to do without, sorry to say.
    Regards as always, Pete.


  2. Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns are visceral in tone, and are masterpieces in terms of visuals (Leone) and music (Ennio Morricone). They aren’t my favorites, but I do respect them and enjoy watching them. Although we differ in our appreciation of these films, I am quite pleased that we share a fondness for “Open Range.” I do pay attention to the critical evaluations of films, but, ultimately, it’s the personal factor that determines whether a film is a favorite or not. I’m going to list the westerns I have so that you can browse the titles. As always, I appreciate your input, and your opinions, whether shared or not, are always of great value to me.


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