4 comments on “Limerick #53

  1. Unfortunately, ‘F-hole’ doesn’t play so well over here David, as it means something different, and considerably ruder. If ‘translated’ into the US definition, this is a funny one.
    Regards from England, Pete.


  2. Well, it was obviously meant to be a double entendre (musical/sexual). And, yes, the listener I’m quoting (aside from the fact that he is musically ignorant) is obviously a jerk and a bigot (“sightless Creola”), and the sexual innuendo of his “F-hole” / “bow” remark is more than a little rude. Actually, I was hoping to elicit sympathy for Arietta, who merely wants to please others with her music. I guess the Arietta/Chantal/Melody limericks can be seen as poking fun at the blind, but limericks are not constrained by political correctness. It’s obvious these sisters are devoted to their instruments and the beautiful music they play. You’ll notice each one plays a different instrument. Arietta plays the viola, Chantal the violoncello, and Melody the violin. I guess if there had been a fourth sister, I would have thrown in the double bass (aka, bass violin). But maybe the double bass will still enter the picture. Someone else in the family, perhaps….


  3. I was not at all concerned by political correctness David. I just presumed that F-hole related to Fanny? (I could be wrong here…) That has a very different meaning in the UK. It doesn’t bother me though, not in the least.


  4. I wasn’t aware that F might stand for Fanny…. I suppose people can read into what they want. And, of course, they can just play naive and insist that an F-hole is no more than that curlicued hole cut into the front of a stringed instrument.


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