4 comments on “Limerick #176

    • The jail jargon, as I have imagined it, is sexual in nature.

      (1) I’ll let you figure out the true meaning of “White Fang,” “came,” and “One Eye.” In Jack London’s novel, One Eye is the father of White Fang, so, in fact, One Eye came before White Fang in terms of the book’s animal genealogy. The prisoners do reference the book, but they’ve changed the meaning of the names (human anatomy), and they’ve also played on the meaning of “come” (appropriately used in the past tense).
      (2) “Bingo” refers to a sexual triumph as pulled off by an inmate from Cell Block B4 (B4), though this is generic code for any cell block from which a triumphant prisoner hails.
      (3) “Tchai” refers to Tchaikovsky whose ballets are “tutu tales.” Some of the men in prison are effeminate.
      (4) The term “juju jails” refers to jails where prisoners are lucky to be able to mingle sexually.
      (5) The term “jags” refers to prisoners who are extremely horny.
      (6) As for 1-9-0, it’s code for a sexually desirable inmate (one worthy of a “lobby”). The numbers “1” and “0” refer to the appropriate anatomy (see also “White Fang” and “One Eye”). If you look at 1-9-0 upside-down, you read 0-6-1. The net result is 69, as it relates to “0” and “1” in either order. The idea for this code was most likely inspired by the number 190 on a prisoner’s DOC uniform.

      By the way, I found the words “juju” (luck) and “jag” (extremely horny) in an online urban dictionary.

      I might note that the prisoners have had time to develop a bit of culture, as indicated by references to Jack London and Tchaikovsky. Apparently, they also play a lot of Bingo!

      Now that I’ve decoded the limerick, go back and read it again. Of course, I intentionally made this limerick a bit obscure, but that’s the whole point behind jargon, which is often quite esoteric. Limericks commonly evoke sex, and so I have to include a few sex-related limericks in my collection in order to remain true to tradition!

      As for rhyme:
      …before One Eye, no?
      …B4 won. I know
      …-by for 1-9-0.

      Thanks for stopping by, Pete. It’s always a pleasure to see you here!


  1. I saw the rhyme, and I sort-of got the ‘one eye’ sexual reference, but completely missed all references to prison slang, hence being completely baffled. I had ‘juju jalls’ as either Haiti, or New Orleans, but got lost after that. Thanks for the code-breaking!
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Now and then, my brain goes off the deep end with these limericks, and they’re bound to confuse any reader. Most likely, my next one will be a simple one. The jargon in this particular limerick is of my own creation and doesn’t reflect any real “prison speak,” so that obviously doesn’t help the reader, who can’t reasonably be expected to follow my thought process. If I ever self-publish these limericks, I’ll most likely provide an analysis (brief or otherwise) of the ones in need of explanation, written by me under a pseudonym, pretending to be an editor. Thanks for enduring this rather impenetrable limerick. I hope that, in the end, you enjoyed it. (I know the inmates enjoyed it in the end.)


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