2 comments on “Limerick #177

    • The Skipper (see “skip” in Line 4) was rarely named on the TV show, but it was apparently Jonas Grumby. The question raised by the limerick is whether J. Grumby is an actual employee (J. might stand for James, Jeremy, etc.) or whether the manager is simply putting off the customer, as the customer assumes. Here in the States, Gilligan’s Island was popular as a first-run series back in the 1960’s, and continues to thrive in reruns on cable. It has a timeless quality about it due to its island setting, endearing characters, and well-scripted humor.

      By the way, I used Gilligan’s “Isle” rather than “Island” in the limerick because I was permitted to do so by the lyrics sung during the show’s end credits:

      So join us here each week my friends,
      You’re sure to get a smile,
      From seven stranded castaways,
      Here on “Gilligan’s Isle.”


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