3 comments on “Limerick #183

  1. I always fancied visiting that island, and the local Macouba Rum is quite famous. I presume that is added to the grapefruit and chocolate cocktail?
    Nice one, David, very evocative.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • That sounds perfectly logical. Pamplemousse au chocolat is a fictional blend of grapefruit and mousse au chocolat, and rum is often added to chocolate mousse, so… Since you are familiar with Macouba, you may know that Cinquante Pas (“Fifty Steps”—which explains the humorous “Nearby” in my limerick) is one of the main streets of that village. The café is fictitious (as far as I know). I have never been to Martinique, but also fancy a visit to the island. Maybe I could introduce some dessert madness down there….


      • I am not that familiar with the town, David, so I appreciate the details. I am sure that confection would sell well, maybe with the rum on the side?
        Regards, Pete.


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