8 comments on “Limerick #222

  1. ‘Nekkid to the world’ immediately brought to mind Eric Burdon singing ‘Spill The Wine’.
    “I stood high by the mountain tops
    Naked to the world
    In front of
    Every kind of girl”
    Nice psychological-theme, David. Sorry it turned into a Burdon thing for me, but that’s the way of limericks sometimes.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Pete, a few months ago, that old song, which was quirky and catchy, came to mind, and I must have listened to it again on YouTube at least a dozen times before moving on. So I actually appreciate the reference! I have to admit that this particular limerick took a long time to properly phrase, so I’m glad you liked it. In fact, your approval of my work may have boosted my…ego!


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