Back in November 2013, Michelle Miller and I published a book entitled Pope on the Dole. The revised edition (2017) and a Kindle version are both available for purchase online. I finished the first of two companion detective novels in December 2017, and the second one in February 2022. Both will be self-published simultaneously, most likely in January 2024. I am currently working on a standalone science fiction novel, the first of several to be written over the next several years. Eventually, I will return to the 14-part science fiction series that began in 2002 with Yaaländogs! Part I: BarLeDeuc.

In addition to writing books, I also am fond of writing lyrics. Currently, I write lyrics under the pseudonym “LividEmerald” for Chris Almoada, a French rockabilly artist. I am a member of SACEM, and hope to collaborate with other artists in the future. This blog is therefore open to a discussion of lyrics.

I am a film aficionado, and have over 700 DVDs to prove it. Films include all genres from the talkies to the present. Although the majority of the films are American/British, I do also enjoy foreign films, particularly French films. As a matter of fact, should you wish to discuss films, you may do so in English or French. I am fluent in both languages.

Finally, in order to lure visitors and followers to my blog on a regular basis, I write limericks on a variety of subjects. I also post photos that are related to one topic or another.

Comments are always welcome!


9 comments on “About

  1. LividEmerald just wanted to say cheers for your email before, I really appreciate it. It’s always a nice thing for someone to take the time to help out another and to hear that you enjoy checking out our site regularly gives us a real buzz!

    I will be on the look out in the future for “would’ve” I promise!

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  2. Thanks for the connection. I don’t write much about folk and jazz but we enjoy both and also have a son in the film business. I’ll try another limerick next post . It makes a change from plugging novels!

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