4 comments on “Limerick #99

  1. It works very well in this format David, and was very pleasing indeed. I had thought previously that he was a stoker, as in he stoked the boiler. Your explanation put me right, so I now ‘get it’.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.


  2. I’m not going to grapple with the meaning too much, but I will now find out what a stoker is if not a chap with shovel. I was hoping he’d make it, paddle or not.


    • The lead-in note (“You can’t cheat Fate.”) was probably a giveaway, but I’m sure Astoker appreciates your sentiments. I don’t recall how I came up with his name. Oftentimes, my names do have significance, but this one may have just been chosen because it sounded epic or mythological.


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