9 comments on “Limerick #225

    • Pete, I assembled this image from three separate components found online. First, I manipulated them extensively after importing them into Word. Next, I chose to format the page as a postcard, and selected a black background. Then, I used a snipping tool to strip away all but the postcard, which I saved as a jpeg file. The limerick was so crazy that I felt I had to provide an image. It took considerably longer to create the image than it did to write the limerick!

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    • No subject is too “weird” for a limerick at this blog! By the way, if you read my reply to Pete, you’ll see that I went to some pains to create the limerick’s accompanying image. Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. The saucer I saw in the skies
    Was certainly quite a surprise.
    But my nightmare began
    When a little green man
    Said “Greetings!” and opened his flies.

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